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Prelude Solutions enhances companies’ technology with cutting-edge telecom, wireless, and data solutions, backed by 300+ years of collective industry expertise.

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  • Success-based pricing model
  • Save an average of 33% on your technology spend
  • Detailed reporting on service usage and costs

Up-to-Date Communication Systems

Is your business still using an outdated phone system? Is your current technology equipped for the demands of a hybrid working environment? If you’re looking to transition your business to TEAMS™ but lack the necessary capabilities, we can help.

Prelude conducts a comprehensive market analysis to:

  • Streamline vendor choices from 400+ carriers and suppliers
  • Offer expert recommendations
  • Aid in contract negotiations
  • Efficiently manage implementation projects

Telecom and Wireless Expense Management (TEM/WEM)

Prelude has effectively audited providers and carriers outside the scope of TEM/WEM solutions, achieving an average of 33% additional savings.

Wireless Cost Reduction with Prelude Solutions

Prelude Solutions specializes in cutting and managing corporate wireless costs without changing carriers or affecting end-user experience. No hardware changes or SIM swaps needed.


Why Use Prelude’s TEM/WEM Professional Services?

  • Expertise in vendor management, contract negotiation, project management, service optimization, and crucially, cost recovery.
  • Access to a network of 400+ technology partners, enabling us to evaluate vendors and services on your behalf.
  • A demonstrated track record of unparalleled success in reducing costs for clients with an implemented TEM/WEM.


Professional Services by Prelude Solutions

Boost your business’s efficiency and savings each month with Prelude’s expert support services! Channel your efforts into your business activities while we:

  • Monitor and safeguard your savings
  • Oversee TEM/WEM software for enhanced savings and solutions
  • Enhance communication efficiency


Don’t let communication issues slow down your business! Prelude makes behind-the-scenes optimizations so you can put your business activities center stage. With Prelude’s prompt support services, we can quickly address any problem that arises so that you can get back to business as soon as possible.

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What We Do

At Prelude Solutions, we perform in-depth analysis of your communication services and systems with the objective of reducing costs through pure savings, credits, erroneous charges and service realignment.


Our People

Our talented group, with over 30 years of experience, helps organizations optimize, design and implement their company’s entire communication services platform.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses optimize their processes and services through the use of our technical, analytical and unified communications consulting practices while providing exceptional customer service.

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