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Key Benefits of TEM/WEM Professional Services:

Time Savings

Let Prelude manage your TEM/WEM, so you can focus on running your business, not software management.


Rely on Prelude’s specialized knowledge, expertise, and partnerships to efficiently manage your technology expenses.

Ongoing Optimization

Prelude will consistently audit your services, suggesting ways to cut expenses, consolidate vendors, and eliminate unnecessary services.

Included in Prelude TEM Professional Services:

Service Quoting, Service Ordering & Disconnection, Price Negotiation, Contract Negotiation, Contract & Service Term Management, Implementation Support, Dispute Escalation, Ongoing Service Optimization, Report Interpretation & Action, SLA Monitoring, Monthly Tactical Reviews & Quarterly Business Reviews, Market Summary for Large-scale Service Replacement

We are experts in vendor management, contract negotiation, project management, service optimization, and most importantly, cost recovery. Get started now!

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