Prelude Solutions is a woman-owned telecommunications consulting company helping organizations explore options for optimizing current communication platforms. Prelude performs an in-depth audit of your communication services and systems to reduce costs by finding pure savings, credits, erroneous charges, and service realignment. Prelude saves our clients an average of 33% using a success-based model. Prelude delivers a complete inventory accompanied with a roadmap as we look to our 400+ partners for agnostic services and solutions using our RFI validation model.
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What We Do

At Prelude Solutions, we perform in-depth analysis of your communication services and systems with the objective of reducing costs through pure savings, credits, erroneous charges and service realignment.


Our People

Our talented group, with over 30 years of experience, helps organizations optimize, design and implement their company’s entire communication services platform.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses optimize their processes and services through the use of our technical, analytical and unified communications consulting practices while providing exceptional customer service.

Our Services

Prelude helps you identify the knowledge gaps in
your overall communication strategy.

Bill Audit & Optimization of Business Communication Services

Prelude performs detailed audits and optimization on all services and systems for telecommunications in voice, data, mobile, cable, video and contact center.

Network Solutions and Carrier Services

Prelude offers RFP/ ROI analysis for agnostic review of over 400+ services and solutions globally.

Unified Communications as a Service and Contact Center as a Service

Prelude provides analysis, optimizations and future solutions for all services related to carrier networks, UCaaS, CCaaS, security, cloud and IOT.

Managed Monthly Support Services with Telecom and Wireless Expense Management (TEM/WEM)

Prelude solutions performs project management for every project.

Prelude Solutions

Why Choose Us

33% Average

Industry norm is 22%


Fees are a percentage of savings


Solutions from 400+ providers


Allocate funds towards supplier diversity

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101 Lindenwood Dr.,
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Malvern, PA 19355

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