Case Study: "National Oil Company"

Wireless Device Optimization

Prelude Solutions performed a spend analysis and optimization for one of the largest oil companies in America. This company has over 7,000 mobile devices deployed across the country consisting of basic cell phones, smartphones, mobile-to-mobile devices, and mobile data hotspot devices. Prior to the optimization, the average monthly spend was $595,000.

The following optimization measures were employed:
•  Elimination of unutilized or underutilized lines of service.
•  Consolidation of billing accounts.
•  Elimination of unutilized or underutilized features.
•  Alignment of voice and data plans to better suit usage patterns.
•  Optimization of voice and data pools to eliminate overage charges and purchase of unused services.

As a result, company mobility expenses were reduced by over $1,000,000 per year.

Case Study: "International Biotherapeutic Company"

Wireline Spend Analysis and Optimization

One of the nation’s largest blood therapies companies commissioned Prelude to perform an analysis of their voice and data services in over 150 locations across the country. Over the years as the company grew and new locations were added, as would be expected, the focus was on efficient growth and accomplishment of the core mission. Therefore, there was little consistency in the configuration of services, incumbent carriers, and contracted rates for services.

The following optimization measures were employed:
•  Documentation of the “as-is” inventory of services at each location.
•  Establishment of a standard network configuration for each location.
•  Elimination of unused or redundant services to comply with the standard network configuration.
•  Consolidation of carrier accounts.
•  Elimination of local and regional carrier contracts replaced by national contracts and newly negotiated rates.

As a result, annual telecom spend for 150+ locations was reduced by $1.2 million.

Wireless Managed
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