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Telecom consulting services are saving businesses anywhere from $50,000 to $15 million per year depending on the size of the business. Many businesses are overspending on telecommunication services without even realizing it. These unnecessary expenses come from bills with outdated service plans, errors, or even late fees that can add up to thousands of dollars every year. Hiring a telecom consulting team can assist with managing these bills and saving the company 6 and 7 figures every year.

Benefits of Using a Telecom Consulting Service

One of the most important areas outside of financial savings is the time saved from not performing this audit in-house. Product comparison and auditing can be extremely time consuming. Handling this internally can be a costly mistake. Not only are your employees not trained in the meticulous process of telecom auditing, but they will also be losing time they could be spending doing other important tasks. Another benefit is finding new providers that only a consultant would suggest. Telecom consultants work with just about every option available, and they may know of options you have yet to discover on your own. They can also help you stay away from providers that have been troublesome or overly expensive for other companies.

Choosing the Right Telecom Consulting Company

Finding the right team doesn’t have to be difficult. Prelude Solutions is a woman-owned telecom consulting company that helps businesses optimize their current communication platforms. We offer carrier and provider auditing, creating and validating RFI services as well as contact center analysis. Our clients save an average of 33% on their telecom spending using a success-based model. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a great consulting team:

  • Require a price guarantee from your telecom consultant
  • Make sure there is no auto-renewal clause
    • Consultants should have agreements that are month-to-month following the   term
  • Confirm a revenue commitment of 75% or less of the expected billing
  • Early Term Fees (ETFs) should decrease as the agreement progresses
  • Demand no time cap on credits created by carrier errors (typically 60 days)
  • Consolidate all accounts and all services under one account and one agreement
  • Require self-service or carrier-provided network utilization reports
  • Require self-service or carrier-provided service level reports

Getting Started with Telecom Consulting Services

Once you have chosen your audit specialist, you’ll have an initial meeting with the consulting team. After the general plans have been discussed, the team will perform a full analysis of your company’s telecommunications bills, devices, and systems being used within the company. Your telecom consultant will then make recommendations and give you the option to approve or decline those ideas. The telecom audit is then ready to be implemented by the team. Once all changes have been made and you are able to verify the money saved meets or exceeds your expectations, you will sign off on the project.

Prelude Solutions is dedicated to exceeding expectations as your telecom consultant. Contact us today for a telecom audit!


What We Do

At Prelude Solutions, we perform in-depth analysis of your communication services and systems with the objective of reducing costs through pure savings, credits, erroneous charges and service realignment.


Our People

Our talented group, with over 30 years of experience, helps organizations optimize, design and implement their company’s entire communication services platform.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses optimize their processes and services through the use of our technical, analytical and unified communications consulting practices while providing exceptional customer service.

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