Are You Overpaying with Your Business’s Wireless Services? Unlock Savings with a Professional Wireless Audit

May 26, 2023

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From smartphones and tablets to mobile data plans and wireless devices, businesses heavily rely on wireless technologies for seamless communication and increased productivity. 

However, with the ever-evolving landscape of wireless services and plans, businesses often find themselves paying more than necessary for their wireless expenses. Even your business might be overspending! 

The solution? A wireless audit! 

What Is a Wireless Audit?

Let’s start at the beginning: 

A wireless audit is an exhaustive review and analysis of your business’s wireless communication expenses, plans, technologies, and services to ensure that they align with your actual needs and usage patterns.

Auditing Wireless Technologies

It’s no secret that businesses utilize a wide range of wireless technologies! But the problem is that it’s too easy for things to get forgotten and lost within the buzz of business operations. 

That’s why it’s so important to perform wireless audits!

Wireless expense management (WEM) professionals conduct wireless audits to provide businesses with an in-depth analysis of their wireless services and expenses. Auditors assess influential factors such as:

  • Mobile voice and data plans
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Usage patterns
  • Operational data concerning mobile devices, hotspots, wireless routers, etc
  • Other relevant documents

However, the list above is by no means exhaustive. WEM auditors may request additional information to help them identify any unnecessary services or overages that may be driving up business costs. 

What to Expect During a Professional Wireless Audit

We know and understand that the overarching goal of conducting a wireless audit is to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize wireless expenses. 

As a result, wireless auditors are able to make appropriate optimization recommendations to ensure that businesses only pay for what they need and don’t overspend on wireless services.

A professional wireless audit typically involves the following steps:

1. Information Collection

The wireless audit provider will collect all relevant information and data related to your business’s wireless expenses, plans, contracts, and usage. 

2. Audit and Analysis 

The auditor then closely reviews your business’s information to pinpoint wireless areas that have improvement potential. 

3. Results and Suggestions

After the wireless audit, the WEM professional then delivers the results and associated recommendations to optimize your business’s expenses. This helps:

  • Provide insight into any expense discrepancies
  • Ensure that your business is receiving the best value for its money
  • Determine and remove any unnecessary or unused services
  • Optimize wireless service plans
  • Identify contracts in need of renegotiation 

4. Implementation 

Once you’ve reviewed the recommendations produced from the wireless audit, you can initiate their implementation with the help and support of the WEM auditor. 

5. Continued Monitoring

Your wireless audit provider will set up ongoing monitoring and tracking to ensure that your business’s wireless expenses and service plans remain optimal. 

Additional Benefits of a Wireless Audit

As we’ve discussed, businesses must conduct wireless audits in order to guarantee streamlined, cost-efficient wireless services and expenses. 

But what other benefits can a wireless audit provide your business with? 

Improved Operational Efficiency

A wireless audit provides businesses with a comprehensive overview of their wireless expenses, plans, and usage patterns. 

Businesses can improve operational efficiency by ensuring they’re only paying for the services they actually need and use. Wireless audits can additionally free up funds for other company activities. 

Compliance Risk Mitigation

Wireless contracts can be complex, with various terms, conditions, and penalties. And if your business has wireless contracts with multiple providers, it can be even more complicated! 

Auditing wireless technologies can help businesses identify and address potential risks, ensure contract compliance, and avoid unnecessary charges or penalties.


As businesses grow and change, their wireless needs are also likely to evolve. Wireless audits provide valuable insight into usage patterns that can help businesses scale their service plans to align with current and future needs. 

Save Your Business Money with a Professional Wireless Audit

We live in an age where wireless technologies constantly change and evolve, and that means it’s essential to stay on top of our business’s wireless services and expenses! 

Conducting a wireless audit is an intricate process, so it’s recommended to work with a professional telecom company like Prelude that’s committed to helping your business. 

Our team uses their specialized knowledge to provide expert recommendations that both satisfy and optimize your business’s specific wireless needs.

If you need help with implementing UCaaS let us know!

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