How Can You Convince Your Executives Team to Get a Telecom Audit? Here are the Benefits and How to Do It

December 14, 2022

The telecom auditing industry is growing at a rate of over 6% per year. Why? These audits are simple, cost-effective, and can save a business from $50,000 to millions per year. A telecom audit offers a review of a company’s telecommunication bills, devices, and systems, identifying areas where overspending is occurring. These areas can include late fees, billing errors, or even outdated service plans.

Approximately 90% of telecom bills within a corporation contain mistakes. These errors could be the company’s fault or the provider’s fault, but these undiscovered discrepancies are costing your business thousands every month.

Telecom Audit Statistics

Telecom audits have been proven to save a business an average of 25% or more yearly. Additionally, by making sure all telecom systems and devices are operating on optimal plans and devices, these expenditures can be reduced by over 37%. Plans for wireless lines, LAN lines, and networking systems are generally reduced by 20% by utilizing a telecom audit. Simply fixing problems within the telecom infrastructure can save your company close to $100,000 per year. One billing aspect that eludes most executives is that they qualify for refunds of up to three years from past billing errors.

If your team says they’re “too busy” to work with a telecom auditing company, let them know that most of these companies only require a business to spend an hour a week with them for about 6 months. In return, your business can save $250,000 to $500,000 annually or more.

Benefits of a Telecom Audit

Every business has telecom expenses; however, most companies don’t understand how to effectively keep track of their spending in these areas. Telecom audits expose incorrect rates and billing errors, but professional auditors are also keenly aware of the best rates for these services. With this type of knowledge, the auditors can negotiate new rates, pinpoint overages, change rates, and even find mistakes in past bills. Another area that can save a company thousands of dollars is by catching fraudulent phone calls. Hackers are becoming smarter every day and can overtake a company switchboard without the executives ever knowing.

Telecom Auditing for Optimization

Technological advances in the telecom industry have brought a wider range of products and services to corporations. Traditional networking is being replaced by cloud networking. LAN lines are being replaced by mobile phones. Additional business lines are being replaced by alias phone numbers that ring the same phone. More companies are providing mobile phones to employers, and these plans are continually improving while costs are decreasing. Telcom auditing specialists can save businesses 25% to 40% simply by optimizing their current infrastructure.

Executives aren’t always aware of the massive telecom overspending that occurs in 9 out of 10 businesses globally. When trying to convince your company’s team of the benefits of telecom auditing services, present them with the advantages along with a reputable telecom consultant company that boasts a lengthy auditing history. Look for companies that offer free evaluations, money-back guarantees, and positive customer reviews. Typically, the best telecom audit solutions come from companies that have extensive knowledge of telecommunication services, are current with technology trends, and offer methods that save your business at least 25% or more every year. The process is simple, cost-effective, and a way to save thousands for your business every year.

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